Youth Court

Greenburgh Youth Court

(914) 682-5336

Youth Court Training Sessions

Mondays from 7:00 - 9:00 PM


What is Youth Court?
Youth Court is a peer court where eligible young offenders are defended, prosecuted and judged by their peers.  Members of the court will be specially trained to act as judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, bailiffs and court clerks.

The purpose of Youth Court is to provide an alternative to the Family Court for the prosecution of non-violent misdemeanors and violations in an effort to reduce the incidence of juvenile delinquent behavior and to develop a respect and knowledge of the Criminal Justice System among young people in our community.

Who is sent to Youth Court?
Juveniles under the age of 16 who reside in the unincorporated portion of the Town of Greenburgh that have been charged with non-violent misdemeanors or violations may, at the police department's discretion, be afforded the opportunity to go to Youth Court instead of Family Court.

Who may participate in the program?
Participants of the Youth Court program must be in High School (preferably sophomores and juniors, however, exceptions are made for seniors and freshman.)  The training will be conducted at the Greenburgh Police Department one day a week for approximately two hours at a time.  Training lasts for about 10 weeks.  Once certified, members will participate in live Youth Court Sessions. 


Those interested in participating should contact the Juvenile Aid Unit at 682-5336. 


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